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If you are in the market for a custom home company Newark Ohio knows and trusts, then what you need lies right here at Monogram Homes.

Owner Bob Seaton has been building custom homes in central Ohio for over three decades. The passion he has for his job is not something that can be measured or explained. He believes that in order to be the best custom home company Newark Ohio has to offer, each custom home he builds needs to be precisely built with each individual customer’s needs, wants, and lifestyle in mind.

Being the trusted custom home company Newark Ohio needs means providing the services they need with only their needs in mind – not those of a generic model. The only blueprints Monogram Homes has are the ones that our clients have designed. We want every aspect of your home to be unique to you and your family. Your home should function and look exactly the way you need it to, and that is why we only build custom homes that you have dreamed and designed yourself.

Of course we don’t actually expect you to come in with your own blueprints drawn up. That’s why we have Danielle, our Monogram Homes designer. She will go over your design ideas with you and help you put them into our 3D rendering design software. This will allow you to see exactly what your new home will look like, down to the tiniest of details, before we even begin the building phase. It also allows for changes to be made quickly and easily.

Part of being a custom home company Newark Ohio loves is giving customers options and changes, all at no charge. If you want changes, you can have them. We do not charge you extra for changing your mind. Join the crowd and trust Monogram Homes to be your custom home builder.

Custom Home Company Newark Ohio – Monogram Homes | Newark OH
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