Central Ohio Home Builder

Central Ohio Home Builder

If you’re looking for a Central Ohio home builder, searching for the right one can be a daunting task. That’s why the experts at Monogram Homes have made it easy to understand why we’re the Central Ohio home builder for you.

We know that building a home in Central Ohio can seem very intimidating, but we will work side by side with you to ensure that your home building experience won’t be one to regret but instead an experience that leaves you wishing the project wasn’t over!

10 Reasons to Choose Monogram Homes as Your Central Ohio Home Builder

1.) Customer Satisfaction
Most people will tell you that building a home was the worst idea they’ve ever had. The horror stories you may have heard about building a home will not include the Monogram name. When we finish building your home, our past customers will tell you that you become part of the Monogram Family. The relationships we build with our customers don’t end once the keys are handed over and we’re happy about that!

2.) Get A Home That’s For You

When you explore the option to build a home versus buying an existing home, in Central Ohio, your options are endless. We’re a notch above other builders you’ll meet – In that we take your ideas and marry them together to create a home that fits YOUR family, not someone else’s. We’re not like those “model on the highway” builders you’ll come across… We customize every part of your home, right down to sizing your furniture to fit into specific areas of your home!

3.) The Freedom To Live Anywhere

We’re not confined to just building homes in residential neighborhoods in Central Ohio, although we can do that too. If your dream is to live outside of a residential neighborhood, we can build homes on land that you own. And if you need help finding the right piece of land to build on, we’ve got the resources to help with that too!

4.) Quality and Craftsmanship You Can Trust

Building a home is more about quality than quantity to us. We work with trade partners that take pride in their work and that stand on the same values that we hold for our company. Because we work with the same trade partners on every job, you can expect the same quality in every home that we build.

5.) Experience & Expertise

Behind building your home are individuals with years of industry knowledge and experience that will not only make your experience better, but give you the reassurance you need that your home will be designed and built by tenured professionals.

6.) See Your Home Before It’s Built

Most people can’t envision what their home will look like from a basic blue print drawing. That’s why our Designer, Danielle Baker, uses advanced software that creates a 3-D drawing to show you exactly what your home will look like once it’s built. We even have the ability to place your furniture in the drawing to make sure dimensions are just right – How cool is that?!

7.) Dedicated & Committed Staff

Any concerns or questions you have about your home shouldn’t wait. If you contact us on a Saturday, you won’t wait until Monday morning to get a response. We know that building a home can be overwhelming at times, so whether your concern is big or small we will make it a point to be available and flexible when it comes to staying in touch with our clients.

8.) We Build All Over Central Ohio

Some Central Ohio home builder’s will only build homes in a specific location, and that’s okay. But we believe you shouldn’t have to compromise who your builder is just because they don’t build where you want to live. That’s why we offer to build in several counties within Central Ohio – Some of those being, Licking County, Knox County, Fairfield County, Union County, Delaware County, Franklin County, Pickaway County, Muskingum County and Perry County.

9.) Your Time is Our Time

If we design you a home and your plans to move forward are delayed for one reason or another, we’ll move forward when you’re good and ready. We don’t believe in driving cost for urgency. If it’s not the right time for you, then it’s not the right time for us and we’ll pick up where we left off when the time is right!

10.) It’s Not a Process, It’s an Experience

When you build a custom home with Monogram Homes, you’re not just a production goal. We go above and beyond to bring our customers a worry-free and hassle-free experience that will have you bragging to others about the service you received from us. As a Central Ohio Home Builder, our customers are always front of mind in every part of our business and the homes we build and how we build them represent that.

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